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3D presentations and Google Earth


Many cities such as Berlin or Prague, or Belgrade, Zagreb, Podgorica, have a three dimensional view of all important buildings and squares, so the visitors can be introduced to this cities through virtual sightseeing.

Why should You have a 3D presentation on Google Earth?

    So that potential visitor or tourist can find hotel or restaurant more easily.
  • To properly present a new facility built by Your construction company – at the location where it is built on.
  • Well done 3D model makes Your building recognizable and distinctive on the map, thus attracting visitors.
  • Many GPS devices and programs are downloading data from Google Earth-a (Garmin is among them).
  • Each model has a description and it is a redirection to Your offer or website.
  • For private and corporate presentations and in case of potential reconstruction or investment in change or renovation.
  • Since this kind of presentation is just emerging it could give You an advantage over the competition.
  • There is a possibility of adding billboard with Your logo on Google Earth.
      Did You know that regional search of 3D services is highly popular!
  • Last year Serbia and Belgrade were No.1 in the world by the number of search quarries.
  • Croatia was 4th in the world
  • Montenegro was 13th


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