A complex system of related activities on the Internet, which in conjunction with other digital media by presenting the brand, products or services is intended to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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slika2E-market1ng, in the broadest sense, is a business segment  of  the company with objective to promote a seller’s product and service on the market throughout digital media (especially Internet) and  in coordination with marketing department, sales department and company management.

E-market1ng is processing market research, building company reputation, defining and promoting products and services, positioning them in the market, creating customer interest and sales opportunity, following activity trends on site, assessing and provide measures to improve business strategy. The single most important goal of E-market1ng is to increase business income.

Definition of E-market1ng strategy is the first and the most important step towards E-world. E-market1ng strategy depends primarily on the global strategy of company, as well as plans and goals arising from it, but it is mostly associated with marketing strategy and sales strategy. In addition , the estimated budget is one of the most important factors influencing definition of E-market1ng strategy. Unfortunately, since E-market1ng is a new field of business , budgets are often limited and not among  top priorities. In Serbia and its neighboring countries E-market1ng budget is usually predefined as a part of the total marketing budget. This does not leave many room for creativity  and fundamental performance in  E-world, so the development of E-market1ng strategy is quite complex.

In any case, definition of E-market1ng strategy is fluent process, requiring a lot of changes and adjustments during implementation and also afterwards, during the monitoring and correction processes.  Long-term monitoring of E-market1ng activities can predict many  factors affecting success, but in today‘s turbulent market and constant internet innovations, E-market1ng strategy is subject to radical and frequent changes. With the new promotion channels and with explosive expansion of various tendencies in behavior of internet users, E-market1ng teams often react on a daily basis, changing the course of action.

On the other hand, companies using E-market1ng as integral part of their business, after certain amount of time are realizing its direct influence on achieved business results. That is why, in subsequent cycles, they fundamentally change approach to budget planning and global strategy development, focusing more attention to E-marketing.

Picture below shows a circle of mutual interactions in a decision making process of a company.


E-market1ng strategy is created by specialized agency or E-market1ng manager in cooperation with other company sectors.


Serious and effective E-market1ng requires entire team of various professionals from different areas and that is the reason why most companies (except for major international conglomerates) are hiring specialized agencies for this job. In order to make strategy implementation successful, company assigns one of its managers with task to serve as communication channel. Usually, it is a person from marketing sector.


01 Text, photo, video and multimedia material

02 Creative and professional strategy

03 Implementation and administration of e-marketing strategy

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