A complex system of related activities on the Internet, which in conjunction with other digital media by presenting the brand, products or services is intended to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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slika52In a short period of time and with relatively small investment Your products/services could be promoted effectively through immensely popular social networks  Facebook, Youtube, Twitter… by:


  • advertising existing range of products/services
  • announcement and promotion of products/services
  • brand promotion
  • presenting actions, discounts, news to the clients
  • online sales
  • paid advertising
  • photographs, videos
  • online catalogues


Social networks are source of direct marketing. Members of corporate groups or pages are usually people who are interested in products and services offered by the company, especially for action sales and discounts. Promotion and advertisement on social networks is a direct addressing to client.  In addition, social networks are useful for rapid development of new markets.

Administration of company‘s page on social networks is intense work. Although at first glance, page work appears simple, the page is actually a part of overall strategy and certain rules must be complied. Page must be monitored (even at night). Someone else’s ads and inappropriate posts on company‘s page are common occurrence. In this case immediate reaction is needed and such content must be removed. In addition, there are frequent contacts and members‘questions requiring intensive communication.

Entire sites or special written apps can be integrated on company page. For instance, one can integrate systems for online shopping, hotel reservation system, service ordering system, various products catalogues, databases, etc…This option opens another channel of company‘s direct sale.

Almost all social networks are offering excellent activity analysis tool and it is a special benefit for efficiency and performance tracking of such promotion and sales channels.

Emarket1ng.net opens, creates and administrates Your social network accounts. Also we are designing and programming all kinds of applications and supplements. We are monitoring, analyzing and delivering reports and studies.


01 Text, photo, video and multimedia material

02 Creative and professional strategy

03 Implementation and administration of e-marketing strategy

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